Obama’s Visit to India on Republic Day

obama 2President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited New Delhi on Monday as honorary guests for India’s 66th Republic Day parade. They attended the event as an acceptance to Prime Minister’s Modi invitation in effort to strengthen ties between the two countries (Washington Post). Republic Day is a holiday in India that celebrates the post-partition Constitution, when India became a republic in 1950; and President Obama is the first U.S. president to attend this event. (New York Times). During his three-day visit to India, President Obama was able to discuss with Prime Minister Modi about major political issues concerning the two countries such as: the civil nuclear deal, climate change, U.S. – Asia relations, and tracking terror. Both countries came to an agreement about civil nuclear cooperation, a breakthrough following a nuclear logjam for eight years (BBC). Among other issues, the President plans to implement investment of American companies to contribute to India’s civil nuclear development (New York Times).

obama 3Changes against climate change and clean energy goals were also discussed where about $2 billion will be used as an energy boost for financing for renewable energy (Times of India). Also, as 60 percent of trade has increased between the two counties, the President announced that he plans to finance $4 billion in India towards trade, investment, and boost job growth in both countries (White House).

Renewal of the 10-year defense pact was also a key agreement made between the two countries on Sunday as they agreed to cooperate with one another regarding aircraft carriers, jet engine technology, and drones (New York Times). President Obama also implied converging Asia-Pacific relations with India in efforts to strengthen regional ties in the East Asia as to make the U.S. involvement in Asia more expansive. The world’s largest democracies plan to work together to coincide efforts as India-U.S. Delhi Declaration of Friendship suggests, ‘Chalein saath saath’ or forward together we go (White House). Prime Minister Modi describes recent U.S. – India events as a “transformation” between the two nations’ relation in global partnership.

India's Prime Minister Modi and U.S. President Obama sit under umbrellas watching India's Republic Day parade in the rain together from their review stand in New Delhi







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