Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visits Siachen Glacier

Modi_1938656fPrime Minister Narendra Modi has made a visit to the soldiers of Siachen glacier, claimed by both India and Pakistan. Modi visited the glacier on his way to Indian-administered Kashmir to spend the Diwali festival looking at the damage caused by last month’s floods (BBC). There he is expected to review relief measures, visit a camp for flood victims, and proclaim special assistance for the affected.
Siachen is often referred to as the world’s highest, coldest, and costliest battlefield. More soldiers have died from the unforgiving weather conditions than in combat, often being deployed to up to 22,000 ft. above sea level (BBC). Siachen is one of the eight points in the delayed and complex dialogue process between the two countries (The Times of India). Modi is the first prime minister to visit the glacier in almost 10 years (Hindustan Times).


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Author: India Center Fellow, Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica Rodriguez